Evolution of Sheets and Pillowcases

I cannot imagine a modern house where you cannot see a throw pillow or two. It is also called a cushion, hassock or headrest. This is a very ancient piece of furniture item that started way back in the Middle Ages. Documents extracted from palaces have indicated an inventory of sheets and pillow cases cushions as part of their furniture pieces. It will be so much interesting to know how this important piece evolved through time.Come now and ride with me in a time machine made of a soft leather bean bag throw pillow. Seat back and enjoy the ride.

Although it was in the Middle Ages that the first use of throw pillow was noted. The use of the actual pillow was during the Mesopotamian Period.  An archeologist has found a carved wood of a neck nestled on a pillow. It was believed to have been used to prevent insects from getting inside the brain.

It was in the ancient Egypt that they saw a pillow being used as head support. Usually made of hard stone, ceramics or wood. It is usually 9 inches in height and could be easily mistaken as a stool but it is a pillow used to support the head and neck. Associated with their belief that death is just a long sleep thus they incorporate this in their burying ritual and use pillows on their gods whom they believe are just sleeping and will awaken someday.The Romans also used pillows to present gifts to the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. We still practice a similar ritual today as part of the tradition. We let young boys carry pillows with a pocket for coins to symbolize wealth and another pillow for the ring of the bride and the groom.

In the Middle Ages, throw pillows are supposed to be first used as part of the furniture, Cushions during the time are great in size and is made of leather material. It is usually stuffed with natural materials full and firm enough to be seated upon.

The first use of throw pillow for decorative purposes was during the Victorian Era. prior to this period throw pillows are used as mere pillows for sleep or as feet cushion. It was during this period when throw pillows are made with patterns, ornaments, and fringes.

Throw pillow as a status symbol has emerged during the Industrial Period where textile is considered as very expensive to produce and it is considered as a waste of money to use fabrics on items like throw pillows. In the colonial US, the use of textile as part of the house’s decor is considered extravagant therefore use of fabric on pillows are considered as a status symbol.

Part of our Modern fashion was spawned by the series of changes in the recent century where a cycle from minimalist to excess took turns. When the Roaring Twenties went towards Great Depression. The buttoned-up ’50s into the ’70s psychedelic mood after.  Evidently, graphic throw pillows are results of earlier periods of minimalism. This gives way to the softer, romantic and eclectic designs of our modern throw pillow. It is now used as an alternative and a rather cheaper way to renovate an otherwise drab and old sofa.

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