Various Design of Throw Pillows

Hearing the word throw pillow will immediately transport you to a dreamy place of relaxing, peaceful, soft and sleep inducing sofa or divan. You dream that you are in a lounge doing nothing but read your latest novel or idly watching a movie you do not intend to comprehend. There are people who are so fond of throw pillows that they have an average of 10 to 15 pieces in on the sofa. Some prefer to have it monochromatic, while others love to have it in varied design mixed and match to have that modern effect. Let us take a very interesting look on various designs of throw pillows.

Victorian Throw Pillows

visctoria;-throw-pillowThis design aims to give the house a sense of the royal and elegant vibe. Victorian throw pillows are often used as an accent pillow. When matched with other pillow design it creates a vintage look. They are usually handmade due to the delicate materials used such as the ivory vintage lace. Some of the pillows are designed with antique inspired green and gold book cover with a Victorian era portrait of a beautiful lady.

Minimalist Throw Pillow

Consist of simple design like black dots on a white fabric. This design is best for the kid’s room but it can also be used in bedrooms and living rooms. Minimalist design gives a modern touch yet gorgeously simple can also be a plain neutral color with simple vertical lines.

Decorative Pillows

throw-pillowAs the word implies decorative pillows create an interesting design that adds color to space. They add style yet gives comfort to whoever uses it. Some designs may be plain colored but combined with fur wool throw. Embroidered or patchwork pillow is mostly used in a country setting. It is also used in urban household decor to provide to the feeling of a country home. They can also be made with a theme in mind like the block Indian design, Moroccan style wedding blanket made into a throw pillow, Sari applique, and a Boho fringed poncho.

Designer Throw Pillow

Elegantly designed Mckenzie and Willis christchurch furniture throw pillows made by a high fashion designer. Materials are mostly expensive and high quality like chenille fabric with a subtle paisley pattern. There is also cowhide patchwork with eastern inspired accents. Designer pillows are created with the choosy and high fashion taste in mind.

Whatever design of throw pillow we choose, these wonderful and very useful item is one of the most important creation a man had made. It gives us the comfort and the color to our home or wherever we chose to lay down for a while and have a relaxing moment in one’s daily life.